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ZEISS Overview

As a world leader in precision optics, Zeiss sought to disrupt the market yet again with their newly-formulated screen cleaning wipes. Because of our creative bandwidth, Zeiss asked Carlucci Design to develop an aggressive marketing campaign whose goal was to increase awareness across all channels and promote sales.

In addition to updated branding and packaging, Zeiss requested a comprehensive AMG (Amazon Media Group) campaign. To accomplish this, we built all assets from scratch. This allowed the content to evolve in a linear way that could support more sophisticated marketing as awareness grew.

In this Carlucci Design case study, you’ll discover our methods and thought to establish Zeiss’ presence within the consumer market – and win it.

What We Did
  • Packaging
  • Video
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Art Direction


This is where the project content began. We designed the Zeiss screen wipes packaging to clearly tell customers that Zeiss products are different and superior to other brands. We infused the boxes and individual lens-wipe wrappers with a distinctly high-end feel. The content is clear and benefits-driven. It also supports the Zeiss brand identity. Finally, the bold yet minimal style was created to stand out on retail shelves where it would capture attention and influence sales.

Mobile Screen Wipes Video

From the visual foundation of the Zeiss packaging we moved into the development of video assets. This lifestyle-centric video was initially designed for Amazon to further communicate the benefits of the Zeiss screen wipes. We conceptualized, storyboarded, wrote, designed, directed, and edited the entire project. Then we helped Zeiss push the video onto and across their social media channels.

Amazon Marketing Ad Campaign

AMG offers a holistic marketing platform where brands can reach Amazon shoppers across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We built the Zeiss assets, including web banners, videos, A+ pages, and more to fit seamlessly within the AMG structure. This improved their Amazon ranking factors and lead to greater sales. Of course, there are specific tactics that we use to produce superior AMG campaign returns and we look forward to reporting the performance metrics with Zeiss.