Case Study


Communications, Electronics


Branding, Web, Video, Print, B2C

The future of a brand

Epson wanted a marketing campaign to re-energize their brand and position them as one of the world leaders in business technology solutions. We took their core ‘cities of the future’ concept and built out a full campaign including print collateral, video and web banners.

What We Did
  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Strategy

Print Ads and Digital Signage

Our print and digital ads form the core of Epson’s brand campaign. They feature a balanced layout of essential brand elements and have appeared everywhere from Times Square and JFK airport, to subway stations, national retail stores and publications such as the Wall Street Journal. Their man goal is spread the word that “Where there’s business there’s EPSON.”

Animated Banner Campaign

To support the brand campaign we developed a series of animated web banners based upon the print and digital ads. Built in HTML5, these banners drive traffic from all over the Internet to the EPSON website and have improved conversion rates significantly since their debut.

Future City Animations

A supplement to the brand campaign, we animated each of Epson’s ‘City of the Future’ images to breath life and excitement into the content. Featuring New York City and Tokyo, we brought each city to life with motion and light. These animations live on both digital billboards and on Internet content to drive more traffic to the Epson website.

Fashion Week Ad – 2016

Epson’s dye-sublimation printers can produce beautiful patterns and colors directly on fabrics. To capitalize on NYC’s Fashion Week, we created this ad to show what the F-Series printer was capable of. Our ad ran on digital billboards throughout the city and drew attention to the Epson Fashion Week event that more than 300 luminaries from the Fashion Industry attended.