X Headphones

The Sony X Headphones are a high-end, style-conscious, DJ-style series of products that’s all attitude and big sound performance. Sony approached Carlucci Design to help launch the brand across all channels including online, print and in-store.

Sony X Headphones Promo Design and Animated Web Graphic

Sony X Headphones

The first work we did with the X Headphones was a group of circular ads for newspaper and magazine advertising. The ads were tailored for the holiday season, incorporating the tagline “love to give style". Carlucci also created a video to launch the X Headphones that incorporated 3D product modeling and animation.

Tags: sony, video, web, print ads
Sony X Headphones Promo Design and Flash-based Interactive Ad

Sony X Headphones

Carlucci designed and programmed an X Headphone website and banner campaign exclusively for Best Buy that incorporated the product’s unique design and lifestyle.

Tags: sony, video, web
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