Sony Portable Servers

To help launch Sony's new mobile storage solutions, Personal Content Station and Portable Wireless Server, we designed and developed a robust marketing kit including videos, digital flip books, point of sale items, and info graphics.


PWS Video

For the PWS and PCS videos, we took charge of the project from start to finish. We developed the scripts, sourced the acting talent and photographers, and then edited the raw footage and produced the finished video assets.


PWS Digital Flipbook

The digital flipbooks we created bridge the gap between print and video. Operating like a print brochure, a digital flipbook is much more dynamic and interactive. The Portable Wireless Server flipbook incorporates animation and video clips that make it a great tool to learn about the product, plus it can be viewed on a variety of devices, include mobile.


PWS Video Display and Section Header

In the launch kit was a pair of retail displays designed to emphasize the Sony PWS above other portable storage devices. The first piece featured a window where our Sony PWS video would play continuously. The second was a header that communicated the primary benefits of the PWS to customers.


PWS Digital Brochure

We created this single-page digital brochure as an educational piece about PWS, suitable for consumers and retailers, for mass distribution. It has all key-feature information and illustrative images and icons of the PWS' uses. Branded like the other PWS pieces, this brochure completed the launch kit.