Sharp Quattron

When Sharp launched their new 4-color TV technology, Quattron, we were approached to design a series of promotional videos to run exclusively at Best Buy. The videos covered the new 4-pixel technology and followed Sharp’s advertising campaign featuring George Takei.

Sharp Quattron Video Overview

By looping several videos together with diverse subject matter we could show customers the true power of this new technology. We used George Takei, a television and movie actor with a resume going back to the 50's as the premier talent for communicating Quattron colors.

Tags: Sharp, Video, Animation

Sharp Quattron Mega Contrast

One specific benefit of Quattron was its color depth and contrast. This video detailed the ‘Mega Contrast’ feature, and was one in a series of Sharp videos under the Quattron brand. The 2010 film "The Wolfman" was also used because of the dark colors that helped viewers appreciate the depth of contrast provided by Quattron.

Tags: Sharp, Video, Animation
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