Clear Retail Posters

After zeroing in on a new CLEAR look, Carlucci Design created a variety of deliverable items for CLEAR’s various channels. Always keeping in mind CLEAR’s specific demographic we created headlines, artwork and specialized photography to meet their goals.

CLEAR Point of Sale Marketing Collateral

Point of Sale

From a large variety of POS items to full-out retail environment design we were there with CLEAR every step of the way to make their brand experience as impactful and memorable as possible.

Tags: clear, pos, copywriting, photo manipulation

CLEAR Brand Video

Carlucci was approached to create a fun video that played in CLEAR retail locations to help explain exactly what their service is. Additionally, the video was syndicated online to their website.

Tags: clear, video, storyboarding, 3D modeling, animation
CLEAR Digital Assets

Digital Assets

CLEAR asked us to redesign their homepage imagery to reflect the new style guide we created, and then updated the content according to special offers and seasonal themes. Our digital advertising work also included banner ads of various sizes to launch during periods of increased sales activity.

Tags: clear, digital, web design

CLEAR Professional - Videos

CLEAR Professional is a broadband plus backup Internet service that is affordable and easy to setup. The only problem was that the CLEAR Professional market didn’t understand what they were offering. So we assisted CLEAR Professional in making their service and messaging as clear and easy to understand as their product is easy to use. Carlucci created 3 videos to support the launch of their new broadband internet and backup service.

Tags: clear, digital, video, animation, storyboarding, scripting, editing

CLEAR Professional - Sales App

What good is a great video if no one sees it? In order to make sure that CLEAR Professional’s market saw the benefits of their product, we created and equipped CLEAR Professional’s sales team with a simple and easy-to-use app that clearly displays the benefits of their service in a unique and engaging way.

Tags: clear, digital, video, app, animation
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