Case Study


Communications, Electronics


Branding, Web, Video, Print, B2C

Rebranding a Business

CLEAR was a subsidiary of Sprint that provided high-speed wireless broadband Internet to cities around the country. They were having trouble effectively reaching their target demographics with their existing brand campaign and asked Carlucci Design to reinvigorate their marketing process. We began with an overhaul of the brand voice and visual identity. Next we applied this refreshed look to all marketing pieces, from posters and web banner ads to in-store displays, their website and video. The result was a 40% growth in sales in the very first quarter after we launched the new brand.

What We Did
  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Strategy

Point of Sale

Once we rebuilt the brand image, we applied this powerful new visual identity to in-store POS collateral. This revolutionized the way CLEAR interacted with its customers and drove the incredible sales growth. We created everything from posters, window clings, tear pads and display stands to new product packaging, brochures, shelf talkers and other unique items such as the signature CLEAR ‘cube’.

A seamless brand look online and offline

Homepage Redesign

With the new brand look and tone in place, we gave the CLEAR homepage a makeover. Consistency is one of the keys to brand success, so CLEAR’s online presence had to match the new material we created for the retail and marketing environment. The fresh visual elements and improved SEO practices also led to increased traffic on the site.

Brand Video

To introduce the brand and get people excited about the service, we created a dynamic video that merged 3D elements and live action. It ran as a commercial, in-store screen saver and online marketing piece.

Clear Professional Videos

CLEAR Professional was their high-speed, wireless broadband service aimed primarily at B2B customers. To explain the tiers of service and functionality, we created a series of 3 videos that provided key details in an easy-to-understand manner. We chose a classic chalkboard approach with lots of line art and motion graphics to support the content.

Clear Professional Sales App

In addition to the CLEAR Professional Video, we developed a training app to help salespeople engage with customers. It featured everything from training videos and product overviews to call logs and a step-by-step sales guide for turning leads into conversions.