We deliver brand enhancement with measurable results.

Beautiful and engaging content is how we transform brand performance, and our unique creative process ensures a powerful ROI in the short and long-term.

Below you’ll discover how our creative involvement and project support delivers tremendous value to our clients. Part of what makes our work so effective is our comprehensive approach to data collection and analysis, which allows us to constantly improve our tactics.

Clients come to Carlucci Design because of our deep creative and technical skills, strategic thinking and unbeatable customer service. They become loyal partners after the experience the results of working with us. Here are just a few of the performance metrics we have delivered to recent clients.

A 1/3 gain in dealer partners

Sony Premium Home products are ultra-high end home theater devices that must be purchased through a dealer and installed by a certified technician. The website is primarily a dealer resource, and the redesign we implemented led to a 1/3 rise in dealer partners (as well as the business that comes with them) just one year after launch.

40% increase in revenue

After the CLEAR rebranding campaign hit the market, the wireless provider saw huge gains in sales performance and revenue. Just one quarter after we created a new brand look and feel and applied this new content to all marketing materials, CLEAR saw revenue rise by 40% from the previous quarter. That is major ROI, and revenue continued to rise quarter after quarter.

7,000+ new visitors per month

The eCommerce website we built for Ricoh Imaging brought a new level of online traffic to the brand. Through a combination of excellent SEO practices and marketing strategy, Ricoh’s site analytics showed a 7,000+ increase in visitors from that of their previous website. That number continues to rise as we add new content to the site.

Dozens of happy clients

Let’s not forget this metric – it matters. The feedback from our clients – many of them Fortune 500 companies – about our performance over the years has been overwhelmingly positive. We attribute this to our customer service, the speed of delivery, and bold strategic thinking. At Carlucci Design, going above and beyond is just another part of our business.

What really decides consumers to buy or not is the content of your advertising, not it’s form.

David Ogilvy

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