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The Creative Process at Carlucci Design

Taking a project from the concept phase through final execution is an involved creative process no matter what size job it is. Whether we build a website or a print add, we follow a clear and effective methodology to deliver the finest possible content. Here’s a quick look at how we do what we do.

The conceptual process at Carlucci Design.

1. Discovery

At Carlucci Design, we emphasize client collaboration. Only by understanding your goals can we design a plan to achieve them. Through an in-person or phone consultation, we will assess the requirements of your project, the messaging and tone you want to convey, and your success metrics. We’ll also take this time to learn everything we can about your brand, industry, and competitors. Armed with this information, we can move to the next step.

2. Concepts

This is where your creative vision takes shape. For new brands, we’ll define your look and feel. For existing brands, we’ll leverage your company style and adapt it to the project at hand. This is another collaborative effort, as we rely on clients to tell us what ideas work for them. Whether it’s a one-off brochure or an entire branding campaign, the concept stage is where we establish the visual and tonal direction.

3. Design

With the project concept in place, it’s time to create a concrete design. We’ll gather all the image assets and other content and build a custom layout. For websites, we’ll focus on responsive, mobile design. For brochures and print ads, it’s all about engaging formatting and information hierarchy. Whatever the project may be, in the design phase we define its visual identity so we can move to step 4.

The technical process at Carlucci Design

4. Development

Step 4 is the nuts and bolts phase of our process. We’ll take the finished layouts from step 3 and build the final product. For websites, this means populating the site architecture and creating a functional web application. With print, we’ll build the hi-res files and connect with printers to finish the project. Step 4 is all about the technical expertise that goes into a successful project.

5. Testing & Quality Control

Before we release any files or take a project live, we conduct extensive testing. This means thorough project audits that include proofing for all copy, image quality review, and responsiveness and browser compatibility testing (where applicable). Only after we complete a thorough review do we send to our clients for final approval.

6. Launch & Marketing

The final stage is the project launch and subsequent marketing support. At this stage, we take websites live, send files to the printer, and upload media. To ensure that every new project receives maximum exposure, we support its launch with a social media push. This step is crucial because, no matter how good the work, people must experience it in order to act on it. Finally, we evaluate performance through careful analytics tracking to ensure success metrics are met.

There you have it – a high-level look at the Carlucci Design creative process. We’re happy to discuss these steps in more detail and show you how we can ignite your next project, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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